Entry #1

Things are going well.

2014-01-16 14:16:21 by chaoticmarin

Offline issues aside, I've gotten over my muse issues and have been making / expirementing with music more frequently as I try to master new methods of 8 and 16 bit music. You may even see an orchestral or other piece ocassionally, but as with the past I tend not to focus on those. I no longer take requests, but feel free to pitch ideas regardless! The reason for this is that I can be rather stingey with what I release, so I don't like making a lot of promises.


Stay tuned for me to finish my PMD NES styled stuff, Pokemon SNES styled stuff and some other stuff inbetween!


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2014-01-16 15:01:48

cool stuff!


2014-01-29 21:41:54

Your SNES style Pokemon remakes are way too cool. Checking out more :)


2014-09-22 11:16:26

You're making great music!

chaoticmarin responds:

Much appreciated c: