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Pokemon DP Wild Battle Gameboy Pokemon DP Wild Battle Gameboy

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It's not bad.

You've got 8 bit down pretty good, but I'm honestly not hearing the "Gameboy style" so much. For instance, a PSG drumset is something I would expect from a more advanced 16 bit console. Also, I think perhaps the overall volume is a teensy bit too loud given headphones. You might try turning turning the main channels down approx 5-10% and the bass and other channels that aren't playing the main tune down 15-20%

Now, what you want to know about Gameboy Hardware is that it's actually slightly more flexible than you think.

See, the first two channels are square wave channels. You've got that down pat. The third channel however is not a sine wave channel. It is actually a programmable wave table, which essentially means to my knowledge that you can use any type of wave you please. While sine waves are nice, you might also consider playing with things like triangle waves or perhaps saw waves. For the truest authenticity, actually want 4-bit samples for the third channel. Ironically, there is barely an audible difference between 4-bit and 8-bit samples, so don't
worry too much about that. The fourth channel is simply a noise channel.

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DeltaPhoenix responds:

That's a lot of clever words :)
Would you mind if I PM'd you? I'd like to really learn more about the sound system of the Gameboy.
Anyway, thank you for your feedback ;)

Champion Battle (Pokemon RBY) Champion Battle (Pokemon RBY)

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This song

It's ungodly levels of awesome. Definitely my favorite version of this music.

B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster

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So cash

Maaan why's your remix gotta be so perfect? Gosh~

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